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In-office Services
  • Radiographs (toe, foot, and ankle views)

  • Cortisone injections​

  • Nail and callus trimming

  • Nail avulsion 

  • Matrixectomy

  • Wart cauterization and excision

  • Wound care

  • Foreign body excision

  • Cyst aspiration

Durable Medical Equipment 
  • Custom and pre-fab orthotics

  • Ankle brace

  • CAM boot/pneumatic walker

  • Surgical shoe

  • Diabetic shoes and insoles

  • Metatarsal padding

  • Bunion and hammertoe cushions

Surgical Specialties
  • Bunion correction

  • Hammertoe correction

  • Joint fusions and implants

  • Plantar fascial release

  • Tendon repairs and transfers

  • Ankle stabilization for chronic sprains

  • Ankle arthroscopy

  • Neuroma excision

To learn more about foot and ankle conditions visit the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons’

patient education website.

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